Rodrigue Mouchez

Born in 1987, Le Chesnay (FR)
Lives and works between Brussels (BE) and Mexico City (MX)

Heat Company II, After Howl, Brussels, Belgium
Modern Love Vol.1, El Quinto Piso, Mexico City, Mexico

AGUAS!, Spider Galaxy, Mexico City, Mexico
Acurated, This is not a Manifesto at Will Kerr's studios, Ghent, Belgium
The Occupants, Canopy Gallery, Brussels, Belgium

The way we look at the other space, Z33 Art Center, Hasselt, Belgium
Yes to all, Galerie Treize, Paris, France

Here, Now, Where?, curated by Saout Radio, 5th Marrakech Biennale, Morocco

Exposition de Noël, Le Magasin CNAC, Grenoble, France

Viens on jette toutes les portes, toutes les fenêtres et on fait passer la rivière par le couloir, La Marbrerie, Montreuil, France
Continuous Project - Altered Daily (after Yvonne Rainer), CCN de Montpellier, France

Master of Fine Arts, École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Lyon, France 2010-2012
Ex.e.r.ce - Choreographic studies ‘research and performance’ Centre Chorégraphique National de Montpellier, France 2012
Bachelor of Fine arts, École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Lyon, France 2007-2010

The way we look at the other space, exhibition catalogue, Ding Magazine, Z33, Hasselt, December 2015
Here, Now, Where?, exhibition catalogue of the 5th Marrakech biennal, Saout Radio, Marocco, February 2014
Exposition de Noël, exhibition catalogue, Le Magasin CNAC, Grenoble, France, December 2013


Graduated with a MFA from L’École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Lyon in 2012 he participated during the same year to the research Master program in choreography ‘Ex.e.r.ce’ in the Centre Chorégraphique National of Montpellier. Rodrigue Mouchez’s practice is diverse and takes roots in various mediums ranging from sculpture to drawing, performance to installation. In the past few years he has deployed a body of work that puts human presence and perception at the center of his attention.

Grounded in his research on the concepts of cycle, alteration or entropy, the artist questions our ability to fully grasp reality and questions our deeply rooted anthropocentrism. In his recent works and installations Sugary Water (2016), Strange Fruits (2016) and Agua de frijoles (2016), Mouchez is interested in the correlation that can exist between ordinary yet hidden working spaces and ancient rituals and sacred spaces. Indirectly linked to his Mexican origins, the artist works from the potential of familiar mexican materials and narratives by trying to reconfigure them in assemblages that are both historically and symbolically disturbing. With tile fountains containing infused black bean water, stained plaster sculptures, and various found objects such as plastic bags of flower infused beverage (agua de Jamaica), he questions how the relation between the elements displayed evokes a narrative – possibly something that really happened, possibly a fiction – and how they can link us directly to timeless gestures and processes.