Alberto Lopez Corcuera
Guadalajara (MX), 1983.

Alberto Lopez Corcuera makes his art out of elusiveness and discarded elements tainted by melancholia in a way that his works stand as subjects of introspection of his own self and a reflexion about disillusionment of something that once was and is no longer. In an assemblage-style that reveal unexpected convergences of mundane objects (postcards or school books in particular) these physical traces of one particular moment are blurred: old and new images, old and new thoughts, old and new knowledge shift into each other to create the emotional conditions of their re-interpretation; of these newly objectified conditions of perception, the concrete he uses to cover or freeze time literally capture ambiguous narratives that reveal something else: that the shade of time is purely emotional and that these objects should not be seen as memories of a personal history but as an ontological reflexion about the obsolescence of knowledge and the way we can reactivate ideas from the past to question our own present.



— Shows

Maco. guadalajara90210, Ciudad de México, MX
Bodega Acme. Espacio Prim, Ciudad de México, MX
Contacto Sangriento 8. guadalajara90210, Guadalajara, MX

Montem. Marso Galeria, Ciudad de México, MX
Ojos Que Todo Lo Ven. Artist Studio, Guadalajara, MX
Caprichos Infinitos. guadalajara90210, Guadalajara, MX.
Popkornikus Helius Magnifikus. guadalajara90210, Guadalajara, MX
Parkin. Ciudad de México, MX
Cajuelazo. Ciudad de México, MX
Bodega Acme. Ciudad de México, MX

Diy Fiction. Careyes, MX
Evolucion Detenida. Arterea, Guadalajara, MX
Antes Del Fin Del Mundo. Casa Del Lago, Ciudad de México, MX
Salon Emergente. Arte Careyes, MX
Zona Maco. Peana Projects, Ciudad de México, MX

Paradise Sindrome. Peana Projects, NYC, US
La Feria del Millon. Bogotá, CO
Pum. Brooklyn, NY, US
478.85 Kg.  Museo Arte, Zapopan, MX
Art From Latinoamerica. Peana Projects, NYC, US
The Future Is Unwritten. Luciano Beneton Collection, Venice, IT
Poppositions 2015. Brussels, BE
Salon Acme 3. México DF, MX

Cyclpedia. Guadalajara, MX
Salon Acme- This Event May Be Occorring In Another Context. Brooklyn, NYC, US
Salon Acme 2. Ciudad de México, MX

Berlin 37. Galeria Marso, Ciudad de México, MX
Salon Acme 1. Ciudad de México, MX
Tinnitus Y Fosfenos. Maz, Guadalajara, MX
Arte Careyes 2013. Careyes, MX

Whatever Works. Lajm, Guadalajara, MX
1M2. Galeria Demetria, Guadalajara, MX
Triangulo. Oficina De Arte, Ciudad de México, MX

Historias Vividas, La Suite Project Room
Video Performance Planideras


— Performance Voyage

Helsinki, 23.5 MUU galleria
Riga, Latvia 25.5 Starptautiskais īisfilmu festivals 2ANNAS
Hamburg, Germany 18.6 FRISE Künstlerhaus, Altonale Festival
Tallinn, Estonia 30.9 Kumu kunstimuuseum
Tromsø, Norway 19.11 Tromsø Kunstforening

What Once Was, Espacio M Galeria, Mexico Df (La Favorita)
One Of The Strongest Motives That Lead Men To Art And Science Is Escape From Every Day Life,La Suite Proyect Room, Guadalajara, México. (La Favorita)

Dolores, Casa Roma,  México DF, MX
Pechakucha 8, Guadalajara, MX

Encubadora, Guadalajara, MX
Ciudad, Museo Raul Anguiano, Guadalajara, MX
Vidca, Calle Pedro Loza, Guadalajara, MX


— Competitions

Art Residence “Oficina De Arte”,  México DF, México.

Performansi Festival Oficial Selection

Vidca Intervenciones Urbanas, Dirección De Cultura, Guadalajara, MX

Honorific Mention, Concurso Arquine Magazine


— Education 

Revision De Portafolios, Ilan Liberman, Ljm, Guadalajara, MX

Imagen En Movimiento, Taller De Video, Guadalajara, MX

Gallery Management, Parsons NYC, US

2002 – 2007
Arquitectura, Iteso, Guadalajara, MX